Reed Air Purifier

Rules to enter:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must own the home the INFINITY® AIR PURIFIER will be installed in
  • Must have an existing HVAC system
  • Must reside in the state of Texas and live within 60 miles of Beaumont, TX
  • One entry per person, duplicates will be disregarded
  • Part and installation included in contest. No out of pocket payment accepted/expected from the winner

Contest ending February 26th, 2021 and will be announced by March 5th, 2021. Winner must respond within a week of being announced and schedule the installation before the end of the year.


Why the Carrier Infinity Air Purifier Matters

As part of a strategy for slowing the spread of infectious disease in your home, the Infinity air purifier should be considered essential. Featuring our patented Captures & Kills® technology, the Infinity air purifier offers proven, third-party tested effectiveness with a 99% inactivation of captured viruses and germs when used as instructed, including: • Coronavirus • Common cold surrogate • Bacteria that causes strep throat • Human influenza

Here’s How it Works
Our Infinity air purifier treats the air flowing through your HVAC system’s air handler using a three-step, charge/capture/kill process that inactivates 99% of select germs and viruses:
Charge – The purifier creates a “cloud” of electrically charged ions that attach themselves to airborne dust, pollen, viruses, germs and other particles as they pass through.
Capture – The ionized particles are pulled toward an oppositely charged, pleated filter and captured at an extremely high rate, similar to how a magnet attracts metal shavings.
Kill – Captured airborne microbes remain on the pleated filter instead of recirculating back into the home and are subjected to an intense electric field.

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