How Long Does a Landlord Have to Repair Your Air Conditioning?

June 20, 2022

Unfortunately, Texas law does not require that landlords furnish their rental properties with air conditioning. Dallas and some other places do have their own local laws that require this, but there is currently no state law to this effect. Nonetheless, Texas law does require landlords to make any necessary repairs to any issues that could harm their tenant’s health or safety, and this includes air conditioning if the property had it when you moved in or the landlord installed an AC system while you were living there. The law specifically states that landlords are required to make a diligent effort...

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Should I Shut My Upstairs Vents to Save Money?

May 20, 2022

If you have a multi-level home and spend a lot of time on the ground floor, you might wonder if closing the vents upstairs, where you’re not using them, can help you save money. It’s a common suggestion; for instance, because heat rises, many people believe that shutting vents upstairs will ensure that heated air is forced back downward. For the warmer months, you might think that shutting your vents will limit how much your AC cools down rooms you’re not in. Read on to find out if this is true! A Quick Note on Ductwork and Pressure Household ducting...

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Why Thermostat Placement in Your Beaumont Home Matters

April 19, 2022

Why Thermostat Placement in Your Beaumont Home Matters When it comes to regulating the temperature in your Beaumont, Texas home, there are countless considerations to make. Your HVAC equipment must be properly sized and perfectly suited to the layout of your living environment. Even where you place your thermostat matters. Installing this fixture in the wrong area can reduce the lifespan of your heater and air conditioner, lead to insufficient HVAC performance, and create the need for costly system repairs. Read on to find out why proper thermostat placement is so important. Location Can Impact the Accuracy of Temperature Readings...

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Is a Secondhand Furnace Safe?

March 17, 2022

Many homeowners feel a bit of sticker shock when they start shopping for a new furnace. If you believe that the price of a new furnace is outside of your budget, you might be tempted to start looking for deals on secondhand furnaces. Although a used furnace might save some money upfront, there may be some costs you didn’t think of when evaluating a used furnace. There are also important safety issues to keep in mind when it comes to secondhand furnaces. Before any money leaves your account, keep these tips in mind. What to Look for in a Used...

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Benefits of Regular Maintenance for Your Heating System

February 15, 2022

A heating system is just like any piece of mechanical equipment when it comes to regular maintenance. It is required in order for the system to work properly and for a long lifespan. A heating system is an expensive investment, so you should protect it by ensuring it gets the maintenance it needs. Here are the benefits of regular maintenance for your heating system. Improved Energy Efficiency Trained heating professionals know everything about your system inside and out. They know just what to check for and adjust for maximum operation and energy efficiency. During a maintenance visit, all components will...

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What Questions Should You Ask Following a Heating Repair?

January 10, 2022

At some point, every furnace is likely to need some sort of repair. While it’s important to utilize a technician in Beaumont to repair your furnace, you as a homeowner still have a role to play in the process. After the repair is complete, it’s important to ask a few basic questions so that you can take good care of your furnace and minimize the risk of another breakdown. Here are a few questions that the pros at recommend you ask yourself and your technician after a furnace repair. What Went Wrong? Before the technician leaves your home, it’s a...

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What Causes Furnace Rust?

December 20, 2021

Most of the homes in the United States have furnaces. These extremely useful devices heat air in one area of a building and then distribute it throughout the entire premises. That’s why they are commonly known as forced-air distribution systems. Unlike old-fashioned steam heaters, a modern furnace does not use water to warm your home or business. Consequently, people who own them don’t usually associate them with rust because they believe that these systems don’t come into contact with water. However, furnaces do rust, and it can become a problem. Below, we’ve outlined some of the reasons why this might...

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7 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality this Winter

November 20, 2021

Winter provides many excellent opportunities for you to unwind and spend time with friends and family in Beaumont, but it also brings its share of challenges. One of the favorite indoor activities this time of year is to gather around the fireplace. But unfortunately, fireplaces can emit some nasty pollutants into your home environment. During this season, you can suffer from dry indoor air, which leads to a greater risk of illness such as the flu and asthma attacks. Dry indoor air can also make your skin itchier and your lips more dehydrated than usual. Therefore, you need to understand...

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Safety Tips for Homeowners Using a Space Heater

October 20, 2021

If you’ve noticed that one of the rooms in your home just isn’t getting warm enough in the wintertime, you may want to consider investing in a space heater. This device allows you to create heat in a specific room of your home without having to change the thermostat on your central heating system. To ensure that your home and family stay safe while using a space heater, you’ll want to follow the safety tips that we’re going to go over below. Leave It on the Floor It may be tempting to put a space heater up on top of...

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The 4 Most Efficient Heating Systems

September 20, 2021

Wintertime in Beaumont, TX, brings a number of seasonal pleasures, from snow sports to hearty soups. But it also entails running your heating system for the majority of the day to combat the freezing temperatures. If you are using an old furnace or boiler, you may be spending a considerable amount of money every month on electricity costs. In fact, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 42% of the energy used in households goes towards heating. If you’re looking for an upgrade, here are four highly efficient heating systems to upgrade to. 1. Geothermal Heat Pump Despite being initially...

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