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    Air Quality Testing in Vidor, TXAt Reed Service Company, we’re committed to offering exceptional air quality testing to people living throughout Vidor, TX, and the surrounding areas. Poor indoor air quality can be a serious problem if not addressed. It tends to be worse during periods of the year when you have to keep windows and doors in your home closed. Indoor air quality can deteriorate without fresh air being let into your house. Many modern homes are built to be highly airtight, and this can lead to the buildup of contaminants. An expert can test the air in your residence to determine the level of pollution. They can also help you determine if you’re dealing with particulates, volatile organic compounds, viruses, bacteria, or mold.

    Poor indoor air has been associated with many health issues. It can cause sneezing, coughing, and an array of other respiratory issues. Some types of contaminants have been linked with heart and lung disease as well. Keeping the air in your home as clean as possible can minimize odors and ensure you have fresh air to breathe.

    Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Satisfaction

    An expert can help you explore your options for air cleaning systems. They can help you choose between a whole-house system or individual units and answer any of your questions about your options. Whether you’re dealing with pet dander, particulates from cooking or candles, or chemical vapors from cleaning products, you’ll want to get the air in your house cleaned.

    There are several different options for air cleaning systems.
    • Fiberglass filters trap particulates
    • Air Purifiers remove allergens
    • Air scrubbers remove pollutants
    • UV lights dispel viruses

    Vidor’s Air Quality Testing Experts

    The technicians from Reed Service Company are highly experienced and ready to make any type of project in the Vidor area go smoothly. We’re happy to help with installations and repairs, and we’ll always work with your interests in mind. Our locally owned and operated company has been serving the area since 1974. We have NATE-certified technicians who receive ongoing training. Our team can offer sound advice about any situation that you’re facing.

    If you’re dealing with an emergency, we can offer 24/7 emergency repair. Our skilled heating and cooling technicians will arrive at your home with everything needed for the job. To be as accessible as possible, we charge reasonable rates. For installation projects, we offer flexible financing options on approved credit. You can count on us to be upfront and honest about all aspects of our work.

    Contact the team from Reed Service Company today to learn more about our work with air quality in the Vidor area.

    Air Purifiers in Vidor, TX

    Air Purifiers

    Air cleaners and air purifiers work to reduce contamination found in your home’s indoor air. Bacteria, mold, allergens, viruses, fumes and smoke will no longer be a threat to you or your family. We install Carrier indoor air quality products, which boast their Charge Capture and Kill™ technology, leaving your home both cleaner and healthier.

    Humidifiers in Vidor, TX

    Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

    Whether it’s too dry or the air is thick with moisture, there’s an indoor air quality product ready to make your home or business more comfortable to live and work in. Ensuring the right humidity works to keep your home healthy too, as too much humidity can encourage the growth of mold, fungus and other pests.

    Ventilation Systems in Vidor, TX


    Stagnant air in your home can keep pollutants hanging around in the air. Ongoing exposure to dirty indoor air can lead to long-term consequences such as cancer and heart disease, as well as immediate effects such as difficulty breathing, headache and allergic reactions. These effects may be more pronounced in small children, the elderly and those with compromised respiratory systems. Ventilators are another option to ensure you and your family are protected from indoor air contamination. Keep it flowing with a ventilator from Reed Service Company!

    CO Alarms in Vidor, TX

    Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms

    When you’re heating your home with wood, gas, coal, propane, natural gas or oil, these fuels can release carbon monoxide if they’re not burned properly. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas that’s impossible to detect. Protect yourself from this lethal gas with a carbon monoxide alarm in your home.